Welcome to the BiblioPixel Light Programming System!

BiblioPixel is a free and open-source Python program for real-time animation of lights of all types, often strips of LEDS, which allows people to share lighting animations they have created.


BiblioPixel has some snappy features:

  • It has drivers for almost every popular LED strip, and many other lights.
  • Animations can be put together without any programming...
    ...but it's also easy to write your own animations, drivers and layouts --
    in Python.

  • There's a high-performance WebGL visualizer

  • ...and you can also make animated GIFs to send to your friends.
    BiblioPixel uses high-performance ) -- arithmetic...

  • ...but interoperates nicely with plain old Python lists.
    There's event handling which can connect any control to any animation --
    without programming.

  • ...and much more...

This documentation

The documentation is divided into three parts:

  1. Overview
  2. Topic articles
  3. Reference

The Overview contains:

how to install BiblioPixel and then has a high-level explanation of how BiblioPixel works and what goes into a BiblioPixel project.

Then it drills down into the specific parts of a Project and how they are put together.

Finally, there's an example of how to put a Project together from scratch.

Topic Articles are individual articles about specific topics:

  • Troubleshooting a BiblioPixel project
  • Using the command-line program
  • How to write your own class
  • How to use
  • How to use controls

The Reference section contains a glossary, and automatically-generated API documentation.